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Broadcasting from California, Persian Bazaar Television (PBTV) aims to offer a wide array of Persian language programming, which inform and entertain.

Notably, PBTV broadcasts an auction of Persian carpets, which begins daily (except Fridays) at 5 P.M. Pacific. The show offers an excellent opportunity for anyone to own a genuine Persian carpet, at an exceptional price.




TV Programs


Dr. Majid Seyedin

Introduction 09/14/13

Diabetes and Foot & ankle 09/28/13

General foot & ankle problems 10/05/13

Toenail fungus 10/12/13

Swelling of foot & ankle 10/19/13

Gout and foot 10/21/2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis 10/26/13

Bunions and Hammertoes 11/02/13

Skin lesions of foot & ankle 11/9/2013

Painful heel spur, syndactyly, polydactyly 11/30/2013

PAD and Foot & Ankle 12/16/2013

Neuroma Pain & Foot 12/28/2013

Short Toes 1/25/2014

Pain in the ball of the foot 2/8/2014

Clubfoot, deformity in children 3/9/2014

Peyman Masoud

Be Donbale seda Part 1

Be Donbale seda Part 2

Be Donbale seda Part 3

Be Donbale seda Part 4

Be Donbale seda Part 5

Be Donbale seda Part 6

Be Donbale seda Part 7